World Languages

Teaching languages in a virtual setting can be challenging. Fortunately, the following sites provide lots of ideas and tips. (Many thanks to Dick Kuettner for providing these resources!)

Global Discovery Laboratories Educational Resources

First of all, a reminder about the Global Discovery Laboratories Educational Resources page, particularly the World Language Teaching Workshop Series Instructional Videos. This page holds a variety of resources ranging from student engagement to assessment to teaching more generally. Pay particular attention to this World Language Academy virtual instruction workshop led by Kelly Bisogno, and this video on meeting the challenges of online instruction.

How to Establish a Strong Community in a Online Course

This piece draws on the research of Garrison, Anderson, and Archer to discuss how to better develop a sense of shared responsibility in an online language course.  

Online, Hybrid, Hyflex, and High Stress: Preparing for Fall 2020

This recorded webinar talks through various models for designing language courses that need to be flexible and adaptable to the sudden changes that occur during a pandemic. 

Resources to Support Language Teaching Online

This Google doc, compiled by a variety of associations and drawing from numerous sources—is full of rich ideas and resources—and is growing constantly!

Teaching Language Online

This new book by Victoria Russell and Kathryn Murphy-Judy is out 24 August 2020. A copy will be available in Leyburn Library soon thereafter.

Transitioning from Remote Instruction to Online Teaching and Learning

An introductory piece from FLTMAG, an online magazine focusing on technology integration in language instruction.

Use of Technology for English Language Learning

This doesn’t necessarily focus on the current crisis—or even on World Languages—but contains several important ideas about learning in tech-heavy environments. 

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