Trauma-Based Pedagogies

Instruction in the time of COVID means we’re working with students whose capacity for learning is under assault. Trauma-based pedagogies attempt to respond the psychological and biological challenges our students are facing. This page is filled with ideas and resources that can–and indeed, should–be enacted in every class.  

10 Strategies to Support Students and Help Them Learn During the Pandemic

One of several pieces by Mays Imad on this page. If you’re not sure why she’s getting so much attention here, check out her “Beyond Imagination” presentation, below.

Beyond Imagination: Trauma-Based Pedagogies and the Fierce to Reclaim the Heart of Education

Mays Imad’s inspiring talk from W&L’s Summer Academy.

Four Core Priorities for Trauma-Informed Distance Learning

This piece by Kara Newhouse articulates four principles for responding to the emotional and affective dimensions of our current crisis that are clear and easy to enact: Predictability, Flexibility, Connection, and Empowerment.

How to Help Students Keep Learning Through a Disruption

Though this came out in March as the pivot occurred, it contains links to several resources that continue to be valuable.

Leveraging the Neuroscience of Now

A short essay by Mays Imad with seven recommendations for helping students thrive in the classroom in the midst of a pandemic.

Maintaining a Sense of Social Connection in a Time of Social Distancing

This short article talks about how to stay sane by maintaining social connections.

Pedagogies of Care

An open resources site full of ideas for effective instruction during the current crisis.

Teaching Through a Pandemic

Cognitive load, mental health, and learning under stress.

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