Leading Effective Discussions

Running a class discussion can always be challenging. This is even more the case with virtual or flexed environments. The following links provide plenty of ideas about how to create impactful, engaging, and inclusive classroom conversations. One note: some of these sites also talk about discussion boards and other pre-class tools for engaging students. Don’t underestimate the ways the pre-meeting work/discussions can serve to improve the quality of in-class conversations.

See also: Using Class Time Effectively


Developing success in discussion boards

This pre-COVID piece has some nice advice on making your discussion boards more productive.

Discussion Prompts

Some excellent models for getting discussion board conversations going.

Facilitating Your Online Discussions

This page from the Purdue website gives specific advice about how to make discussion boards work.

Implementing Online Discussions

This resource-rich page from Yale also includes very direct, very useful advice for making discussions work.

Assessment in Remote Classes: Making Discussions and Research Papers Work Online

This very smart piece explores how virtual environments shift our priorities.

Organic Online Discussions: Saving Time and Increasing Engagement

A nice piece from Faculty Focus.

Seven Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement During Online Discussions

This source is actually K-12, but it nevertheless contains ideas that can easily–and powerfully–be adapted to the tertiary environment.

Strategies to Effectively Engage Students in Online Learning

This free webcast has helpful ideas on using our class time more effectively.

Tips for Hosting Online Conversations

These ideas range from the simple to the adventurous.

Using online discussion to cultivate collaboration and engagement

This piece has several very clear, very useful tips for creating a sense of energy and focus during your online class time.

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