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Fall 2020 Pedagogy and (perhaps you have) Pizza

Student Voices: Finding the Bright Spots

Wednesday, November 4 2020, 12:30 PM

The idea for this session is very simple. Several students will talk about approaches to virtual/blended instruction that have been working for them. This is an opportunity to take our thinking beyond the stress and pressure of the summer and get a clear sense of how our efforts are landing: in the chaos of this crazy fall, what’s actually working?

Anti-Racist Pedagogies

This moment in history insists that we attend in explicit and deliberate ways to racism in every context. These resources are just a beginning to that work.

If you have additional sources you’d like to see included here, please send them to

Virtual Instruction

W&L prides itself on the quality of its faculty-student interactions. Very often, that means face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, the present moment requires us to adapt to a variety of different modes of instruction. Here are a variety of resources for faculty in all fields. 

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CARPE News #25–Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities!

Hello, everyone! As the subject line says, this edition of the CARPE Newsletter is all about upcoming events and opportunities! TABLE OF CONTENTS:  Panel Discussion: Student Voices, Finding the Bright Spots Registration for Winter Academy is now open An Invitation to Join a Faculty-Staff Learning Community: Exploring Anti-Racist Initiatives in Higher Education Post-Election Resources--Tips for teaching at this particularly fraught moment in time. 1) Panel Discussion: Student Voices, Finding...

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CARPE News #24

Hello, all: I hope this finds you well, that you're finding ways to enjoy your work with students, and that you're also finding some way to enjoy the nice autumn weather. My apologies ahead of time for the length of this e-mail. My hope is to shift to a once-a-month format, which of course means more accumulated resources collected in each e-mail. To help you sift through the materials, I'm including a table of contents. As always, if you have items or ideas you think might be useful for your...

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CARPE News #23–Valuable information for you and your students

Hello, all: I hope this finds you well, and that, despite everything, the prospect of returning to the classroom (virtual, or otherwise) is giving you energy and hope. It's been a long summer, with lots of workshops and lots of reading and lots of worry. Fair enough. But now it begins: those amazing conversations with students about ideas, about their futures, about the life of the mind, about problems and solutions and the role that they can play in making a better world. Now, in other words?...

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Consultations and Observations

We all pride ourselves on our teaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Because on occasion everyone could use a sounding board or an objective third party in the classroom, CARPE provides both one-on-one consultations and classroom observations. Both of these services are available to all W&L faculty and teaching staff, and both are entirely confidential.

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