Fine Arts, Studio Arts, and Performing Arts

There are no perfect answers for taking hands-on and experiential courses into a virtual environment, but the sites below at least offer a starting place to prompt our thinking.

5 Tips for Teaching Studio Art Courses Online

A professor with a wealth of experience explore options for successful virtual instruction in the studio arts.

Increasing inclusivity by exploring alternative theater scripts

This site explores being more deliberate in our selection of scripts and texts as we focus on being more inclusive in our teaching.

Resources for moving dance-based pedagogy online

A resource-rich site create by the Dance Studies Association

Remotely Hands-On

Teaching lab science and the fine arts during COVID

Teaching Ceramics Online

This is crowdsourced and a little crazy, but packed with ideas.

Teaching Theatre Online: A Shift in Pedagogy Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Also crowdsourced and a little crazy, but full of good ideas.

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