Using Class Time Effectively

How do we use class time in the most productive way? How do we keep students motivated? How do we structure productive conversations and group work? Below are tips, tricks, and concepts. As with any pedagogical resources, remember that some translation to the particulars of your course—and your style as an instructor—may be necessary.

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Active Learning in Hybrid and Physically Distanced Settings

This post, by Derek Bruff of Vanderbilt University, explores some ways to keep discussion moving, energy flowing, and learning occurring in flexed or online setting.

Developing Greater Interaction: An Idea Depository

Tons of ideas on how to make class time more interactive and effective.

Engaging and Motivating Students

This page from Amherst has some nice tips for making class time engaging and effective in a variety of fields.

Optimizing Concurrent Classrooms

A short piece from Forbes about making the most of your class time. Some nice, manageable tips.

Structuring Class Time for Deeper Learning

Though this workshop specifically addresses teaching at the Law School, most of the advice it includes will be useful to most faculty for many of their courses.

Student-Centered Remote Teaching

An excellent overview of the questions we need to ask as we design for virtual instruction–as well as some answers!

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